About us


  • Heart of Sweden started in 1991 when founders opened a bakery.
  •  At first they made different types of cakes, breads and pastries.
  • The first line were installed in 1995 and Heart of Sweden was first out, producing Vanilla Hearts in industrial way.
  • In 2000 the production moved to Hemse (Gotland), where we are still located.

2019 and forward

  • All our products are produced on butter or RSPO certified margarine.
  • Our latest production line makes it possible for us to produce cookie dough bars and different kinds of chocolate balls.
  • Our main focus area are selling our Hearts on export markets.
  • Valentines day is of course our best sales period.

What can we do for you?

  • On our machines we can produce cookie dough bars, chocolate balls and of course our famous Vanilla Hearts.
  • We produce Bake off products and ready to serve products.
  • All our products are delivered frozen.
  • Our production capacity is 8 000 hearts/cookies per our on our largest line.
  • We have 6 different Tools and 2 fillers that makes it possible to fill our hearts with both custard Cream and jam.
  • We are the only producer of Vanilla hearts in the world, in industrial way.

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